Department Of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics of Don Bosco College was started as one of the earliest departments in the year 2007. The B.Sc. and M.Sc. Mathematics courses were started in 2007 and 2010 respectively. The Department is elevated into a research department from this year by offering the M. Phil. Course (Full-Time).

The members of the Department miss no chance of attending seminars, refresher courses, symposia and the like, to keep themselves enlightened for efficient classroom management. The power of antiquity, the richness of its heritage, the pride of serving the cause of education, the nobility of its goal of uplifting the down-trodden and its unparalleled art of moulding clay into gold in academics and make the department a venerable monument in this great arena of academic adventures.


Propagation and promotion of mathematical culture and its integration with real-time human existence.


Interpreting the world from a mathematical point of view sticking fast to its rigor accuracy and precision and focusing on higher mathematical investigations and research.


  • Qualitatively upgraded education and personality enhancement to grab opportunities offered by the times at a global level
  • Endowing women with a purpose and vision to be ideal mothers and citizens
  • Imparting education that is functionally useful, socially relevant and morally uplifting to meet the challenging demands of the present society.