College Assembly Committee

The College Assembly Committee focuses on three main aspects of students and facilitates them to learn discipline and punctuality.

a) General Discipline

The Committee is formed to enforce the rules and regulations as outlined in the Students’ Guidelines. The College Disciplinary Committee takes keen interest to maintain discipline and order in and outside college campus during the college working hours. The Committee tries its best to inculcate among students, teachers and non-teaching staff right moral, social, intellectual attitude to build a college community of integrity and responsibility. It also wants to uphold the academic integrity and good name of the college in and outside the College.

The Committee will assist the college authorities in its efforts to completely eradicate ragging, use of alcohol, use of drugs, sexual advances and eve teasing, physical violence against teachers, fellow students, and fellow residents, etc. Indulging in such criminal and anti-social activities will attract strictest disciplinary action including dismissal. The committee will take initiative in organizing talks and plays to spread the messages of good citizenship throughout the student’s community.

b) Punctuality

All students are expected to attend classes according to their timetable. All students are required to provide a written explanation for any absence. Absentee notes are to be given to the Class Incharge on the day of the student’s return. Parents/guardians will be notified by SMS of unexplained absences by 11.00 am the same day. They may provide an explanation by return SMS, or by a follow-up letter or phone call.

When an absence is likely to be extended beyond a single day, parents/guardians are requested to notify the College as early as possible. Even for a single day’s absence, advance notification is appreciated. Parents/Guardians can contact the College well in advance by SMS/voice message at any time to avoid receiving an SMS relating to their ward’s attendance.

Students who arrive late for the class must give reasons for their lateness. Students who are required to leave the College during the day must have a note or prior phone call from a parent/guardian. They will then be given a permission slip to leave the College once they have signed out. If they return to the College on the same day then they must sign in on their return.

c) Canteen

The College Canteen is located at the entrance of the College to cater to the needs of students and staff. It has a seating capacity for at least 150 students at a time. The canteen functions all working days from morning 8 o’clock and remains open till the close of College hours. The Canteen is leased to private caterers on a contract basis. Its functioning is supervised by a committee consisting of teachers and is headed by a Coordinator. The services of the canteen include serving tea, coffee, snacks and meals at subsidized and affordable prices to students and staff. On special occasions, they are given orders to supply food for invited guests and well-wishers. The Canteen premises are kept neat and tidy giving special attention to hygiene and cleanliness.


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