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The Department of Chemistry was founded in the year 2009 by Rev. Fr. C. M. Varghese, SDB, with Undergraduate course in Chemistry. After 3 years the M.Sc. in Chemistry was introduced in the year 2014. About 10 Members of the Staff are involved in Teaching. They are collaborated by 2 Non-teaching Staff. There are about 380 students learning Chemistry at the UG and PG levels.

The courses offered being general, students can acquire good knowledge of organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and industrial chemistry. The Department has well equipped, separate laboratories with various advanced scientific instruments to test and analyze the chemical compounds for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. At the postgraduate level each student is required to execute a project in collaboration with an industry or a national laboratory.

The students of Chemistry opportunely use the Department Library shelved with very recent books in many fields of Chemistry. The department has been using new strategies for advanced learning such as instructional strategy, additional assignment of responsibility, providing access to professional learning careers. The curriculum is updated according to the changing environment in industry, business world, and chemistry through board of studies with eminent members.


  • To achieve and maintain high academic standards through sustained, hard and creative work in teaching, learning, research and extension work in an atmosphere of mutual respect and healthy human relationship to cause the holistic development of students.


  • To apply chemical concepts to problem-solving,
  • To plan laboratory syntheses,
  • To analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions from data,
  • To plan laboratory solutions to solve chemical problems,
  • To explain chemical concepts,
  • To write coherent laboratory reports,
  • To present results to an audience of professors and peers,
  • To defend experimental results and their interpretations through responses to oral questioning,
  • To use library and internet resources to locate information on chemical topics,
  • To demonstrate mastery of common chemical laboratory techniques,
  • To exhibit proficiency in utilizing chemical instrumentation and other appropriate technology,
  • To show understanding of safe laboratory practice, and
  • To undertake a research project.


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