Eco-Friendly Club

The Eco-Friendly Club of the College is an initiative taken by staff and students to create awareness about environment and environmental issues. The Eco-Friendly Club conducts various programmes every year to address the challenges faced by the environment.


The specific objectives of the programme are
  • Motivating students to value environment.
  • Organizing various eco-friendly activities.
  • Conducting plantation programmes.
  • Organizing workshops and seminars on environment concern issues.


The club has taken following measures in to promote eco-friendly activities in the College since 2007.

  • The Club has planted several herbal plants in the College campus.
  • The Club also organizes trips, awareness programmes through posters, questionnaires and screens films on the environment.
  • Life skill Development and good eating habits.
  • The Club also organizes competitions to promote environmental friendly attitude.


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