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Dear Salesians, Staff and Students,

It is a matter of great joy for me to send you these few lines to congratulate you on your achievements.

The website of an institution is generally considered its public face. It is where one instinctively goes to when one needs any information about an institution. For the institution, it is an excellent platform for showcasing its special attributes, achievements, success stories, 'unique selling proposal' ... It is a powerful means of communicating with the outside world, both to tell them what you are and to listen to what others may have to say about you. The website is also an excellent place to stimulate student participation in the life of the college.

Make sure your site becomes a place that every student, every parent, and every citizen would want to visit. In other words, make it content-rich, well- structured, resourceful and user-friendly. Imitate the original web builders (the spiders) and build your web in a way that it will capture the attention of anyone who comes near it by its attractive layout and presentation as well as by the quality of the stuff it holds.

Today's young people are known as digital natives, inasmuch as they have been born into a digital world and they seem to think, feel and act digitally even without being taught. They are more at home in the digital world than their elders. The website can be an excellent opportunity for such young people to play a constructive role in society by offering their thoughts and ideas for a better world.

Congratulations once again, and God bless everyone of you.

Yours in Don Bosco,

Rev. Fr.K.M. Jose,  SDB
Chairman and Provincial,
Salesian Province of Chennai,
45, landons Road,
Chennai 600 010,
Phone: +91-44-26412124, 26412125, 26612137, 26612138