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The Department of Business Administration emerged in the year 2007 with its newly designed curriculum integrated with ICT for the better coverage of the subject, accumulation of knowledge, attainment of skills, understanding and applicability. The course and curriculum effectively contribute for the national productivity and international competitiveness and had its origin from the Department of Commerce. The Department began to function independently from the academic year 2014 onwards. This budding department offers an undergraduate program in Business Administration (B.B.A.). The Department involves students in interactive classes where they can learn, acquire skills and form attitudes and values appropriate form of managerial and professional courses in business, industry and government. Specifically the programs are designed to assure that participants develop an integrated body of knowledge in the business and management of modern organization.

The BBA programme provides the students the opportunity to go forward in the broad range of professional directions and build sound and rewarding careers to compete effectively in today’s fast paced world. The students acquire computer skills, entrepreneurial skills, leadership qualities and learn investment tactics. Besides, they undergo internship training, periodical industrial visit, and project work. The Department has been using new strategies for advanced learning such as instructional strategy, additional assignment of responsibility, and providing access to professional learning careers. The curriculum is updated according to the changing environment in industry, business world, commerce and management through board of studies with eminent members.


  • To creating a better world, equip young men and women to be qualified in the competitive employment market.


  • To enable students to be constructively involved in the life of the less privileged and become agents of social change. The success of this mission depends upon a corresponding commitment on the part of the students of the department and upon the continued efforts and sacrifices of the faculty and staff and all those who come in touch with this department.


  • To impart continuously updated and advanced knowledge,
  • To train students to become matured and balanced persons, who can create ideal families, meet the challenges of life and play a decisive role in creating a better world,
  • To introduce need-based courses and subjects relevant to the demand of time, and
  • To strengthen teacher-student relationship.

Self-Supporting Certificate Programmes

  • Soft Skills Training
  • Personality Development
  • Practical Accountancy for Professional Accounts
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Accounting in Computer

Consultancy Services

  • Employability Skills
  • Consultancy services for Completing Project Work


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